This page was created by Groton's 可持续性 and Literature class.
易胜博app安卓下载 encourages students to bring their values of service, 领导, 社区, 以及全球主义对可持续发展的实践.


Groton has three solar arrays around campus, all added between 2018 and 2021. This advancement in renewable energy was the result of a push from the student body, supported by Headmaster Temba Maqubela and the 校董会. 这个主要的太阳能农场是以约翰·B·约翰的名字命名的. Goodenough '40, who received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for helping develop lithium-ion batteries. Groton is among the first high schools in the nation to store energy in lithium-ion batteries.

The batteries recharge overnight when demand (and electric rates) are low and release energy when it is most needed, 减少学校的碳足迹, 易胜博app安卓下载镇, 和新英格兰. Alleviating periods of excessive demand with a shot of stored energy helps utilities avoid turning to heavily polluting diesel generators. 约翰·B. Goodenough Solar Farm is an integral part of the school's commitment to creating a sustainable campus.

约翰B. 足够好的太阳能场

约翰·B. Goodenough太阳能农场是易胜博app安卓下载的主要太阳能场, 大大减少校园对化石燃料的依赖. 在第一年, 从2020年9月到2021年9月, 该油田提供了约147兆瓦时的电力.


加德纳村教师宿舍, 它于2020年开业, 有自己的专用太阳能场吗, 使leed认证的建筑成为零净建筑. 太阳能电池板提供高达55.9 kilowatts of power per hour, accumulating enough power to cover all of the building's energy needs.


A solar field has provided power for Groton's waste water treatment since September 2018. This solar array is significantly smaller than the Goodenough solar farm, with fifty-two panels. In the solar field’s first three years, it contributed about 55 MWh of energy to the grid. 从2021年1月到5月, the waste water treatment solar field produced about the energy that the Goodenough field produces in fifteen days. Though it is small in comparison, it contributes significantly to the 易胜博app安卓下载 solar grid.



加德纳村, completed in 2020, is the first net-zero building on campus. The four-unit faculty housing complex, with its own dedicated solar array, was built following LEED的需求 正在等待LEED认证. 防止过度使用能源, 该建筑有节能的双层窗户, 严密的建筑围护结构, 绝缘, 热泵, 对流烤箱. 加德纳村 offers faculty members a way to live sustainably along 易胜博app安卓下载's path to being net-zero.


In 2015, 易胜博app安卓下载更新了主教学楼, 的校舍, 在规划新建筑时遵循LEED的指导方针. Most notable was 的校舍's increase in energy efficiency, both through the reinvigoration of the heating and cooling system and efficient lighting fixtures. Geothermal 热泵 under the Circle provide temperature control in 的校舍's new addition, and all lights have motion sensors to turn off after short periods of inactivity.


易胜博app安卓下载’s 食堂 sources food from a variety of local businesses to create their menu,要特别注意季节性. The 食堂 has partnered with several local farms for over a decade, 提供营养丰富和美味的饭菜.

  • 食堂收集剩下的煎炸油并把它送到 新港生物柴油该公司将石油转化为可再生能源.
  • The 食堂 also collects leftover food scraps and sends them to 肖农场.


Students can weave sustainability into their Groton education, 从二年级和三年级的基础课程开始. In Second Form Science, students spend a term discussing climate change and its solutions. 生态, 三年级学生的两种科学选择之一, studies the relationship between animals and the environment and focuses on how that relationship shifts with climate change. 

Once in Upper School, students have more liberty to choose classes that align with their interests. They can take environmental science and explore how humans affect our planet, and. later, Advanced 生态, a deep dive beyond the Third Form ecology class. 

在科学系外面, 学生可以选择可持续发展和文学, reading climate-related fiction (and helping to build this 可持续性 web page). Many take courses that are not explicitly about sustainability but include various environmental projects. 这些课程包括环境化学由Temba Maqubela校长授课or even Calculus A and Applied Calculus, where students can design sustainability-focused projects. Sixth Formers may also create independent study courses (called tutorials): in 2021, two students researched and maintained a butterfly garden for an environmental tutorial.


The student-led 可持续发展委员会 works to create a more sustainable 易胜博app安卓下载. 有六个首领和四十多个成员, the committee works with the administration as well as Buildings and Grounds to advocate for environmental initiatives. Future ideas include creating a composting system; increasing recycling; promoting Environmental, 社会, Governance investment policies; planning Earth Day celebrations, 并倡导可持续发展协调员.
Envirothon 学术竞赛是否以环境议题为重点. 虽然2021年是易胜博app安卓下载第一次参赛, 这个队在比赛中大获全胜, 赢得自然资源挑战, 时事栏目, 以及马萨诸塞州环境协会的总奖项, 同时也 在全国赛中排名第四.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Groton Form of 1900) created the U.S. 民政资源保护队, which not only bolstered the American economy during the Depression but also helped conserve natural resources and preserve our nation’s wildlife. 罗斯福的遗产以多种形式保留在今天的校园里, 比如我们自己的自然资源保护队, an afternoon activity that students can select instead of a sport. 

The Groton Conservation Corps was established in 2012 with the goal of improving the habitat quality of the open spaces on campus and on other protected parcels in the Town of Groton. 自然资源保护队的成员保持道路畅通, 了解该地区的生态, and generally work to gain an appreciation of the natural world around us.
The group gathers four afternoons each week during the fall and takes on a variety of tasks, including removing invasive plant species from sensitive areas, 把倒下的树从小路上拖走, and simply hiking or canoeing around campus inventorying species.